Just the other day, ABC Corporation's (not their real name) staffing department sent me an email. It said, "We received your application ... [ABC Corporation] conducts business with uncompromising integrity & professionalism ... Replies to this message are undeliverable and will not reach the Staffing Department."

I don't know what "uncompromising professionalism" means to you, but to me it means at least that ...

... replies to a message from the Staffing Department will reach the Staffing Department. I realize that this is common practice these days (i.e. compromising professionalism is common practice), so go ahead and do that. Don't accept replies. But at least remove the claim about uncompromising professionalism!

Here's another example of compromising professionalism from ABC Corporation. Last year at the end of a telephone interview I was told that, if I did not hear from them within three weeks, that meant that I was no longer a candidate. I had to assume that an on-site interview was imminent, so I immersed myself in ABC-specific technology for the next three weeks. They never did contact me. I was left wondering when the decision had been made. If it had been made immediately after the telephone interview, then I might have spent those three weeks more productively, had ABC Corporation been courteous enough to tell me so.

Although it is common practice, behaving this way while claiming "uncompromising professionalism" is like hanging a sign about a "drug-free workplace" right next to the coffee machine!

Still, I would very much like to work for ABC Corporation.