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JHDL is a structurally based Hardware Description Language (HDL) implemented with Java. The copyrights and other intellectual property in the JHDL Software are owned by Brigham Young University (BYU).

BYU does not warrant that the JHDL software is without defect. In fact, it is not. Some of those defects inhibit forward progress in the development of the Feldstein SPARC-V9 Simulator. Although Cosmic Horizon reports JHDL defects to BYU, the university has no obligation to provide any maintenance.

Fortunately, BYU grants to Cosmic Horizon a license to modify, publish, and distribute the computer programs known as JHDL.

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Get the software, modified by Cosmic Horizon.

System Requirements and Platform Support


Cosmic Horizon JHDL API Reference documents that part of the API modified by Cosmic Horizon.

BYU JHDL API Reference documents the entire API.

Where the two API references differ, the Cosmic Horizon JHDL API Reference takes precedence.

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