My contract in Boston has been extended through 2008-05-31 and Sun's
stock price has been rather low lately. Therefore, I have not spent
much time on this. Nevertheless, here is a status report ...

On 2007-12-11, Sun released OpenSPARC T2. I intend to stick with
OpenSPARC T1 until I fix the latch gate patch bugs in my 2007-10-23
contribution to Icarus Verilog. After that, I will pick up where
Cosmic Horizon left off when participating in Sun's OpenSPARC T2 Beta

Steve Williams recommended the MSYS environment when developing Icarus
Verilog on Windows and it does indeed seem to be the path of least

Once upon a time, I had created a runtime bug in Icarus Verilog, which
could be seen by someone building on Windows with


Only now that I'm developing Icarus Verilog on Windows (I'll go back
to Solaris when I return home) has the bug been revealed to me. I've
since fixed it, and I'll provide a patch to Steve Williams (I first
attempted to do that on 2007-12-21, but need to revisit).

Before leaving home, I neglected to checkout Confluence, which
includes the FNF generator, from CVS. Now that I have VPN access to
Cosmic Horizon (well, I did but there has since been a twist to that
story that I won't go into here; I'll have access again soon), I was
able to begin attacking issues with WinCvs. Eventually, I was able to
checkout over VPN.

On 2008-02-01, I discovered that "gcc.exe (GCC) 3.4.2 (mingw-special)"
does not seem to support DLL builds, so I can't build the FNF
generator. That is the next problem to tackle.