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The Business

Cosmic Horizon is a sole proprietorship in electronic design automation (EDA) software specifically for SPARC-V9 microprocessor design. The business delivers a functional/structural verification platform that runs on practically any computer.

Cosmic Horizon is developing the Feldstein SPARC-V9 Simulator (FSS), a cycle-based simulator implemented entirely in Java, to provide a design verification tool to SPARC microprocessor products groups. Java was chosen because of its 64-bit integer primitive type. Java is also the hardware description language (HDL) of the design under verification, eliminating the need for a Programming Language Interface (PLI). Currently included with FSS but intended to be replaced with a virtual CPU socket in the future into which customer-developed SPARC-V9 implementations can be inserted, Cosmic Horizon is developing what is believed to be the world's first formal description of a SPARC processor in Java.

JHDL makes Java descriptions of hardware possible. The copyrights and other intellectual property in the JHDL Software are owned by Brigham Young University (BYU), which grants to Cosmic Horizon a license to modify, publish, and distribute the computer programs known as JHDL.

How does FSS relate to the OpenSPARC community? Any SPARC-V9 implementation, including the OpenSPARC T1 processor, can be described by a functional/structural model in JHDL.

A free trial download of FSS is currently available, which is not time-limited, but is feature-limited. Development of the product continues, and increasingly capable free versions will be released. The intention is that a full-featured product will be sold under a software license agreement in the future.

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