ASF finally released Axis2 Version 1.1 on 2006-11-13! As I stated in a previous post, FSS Version_0-004 and Version_0-005 have been held up by Axis2. (You'll have Version_0-005 any day now.)

Quoting my own notes from 2006-04-01, the goal of FSS Version_0-004 was to "execute a series of instructions in application program; don't have to prove that execution was correct, just that there were no failures." Versions before this one had no program counter, and therefore could only execute programs with a single instruction. Here is an application program that I wrote and am working with:

.register %g2,#scratch
.register %g3,#scratch
.section ".text"
.global main
.align 4
setx addend1,%r5,%r4
ldx [%r4],%r1
setx addend2,%r5,%r4
ldx [%r4],%r2
add %r1,%r2,%r3
setx sum,%r5,%r4
stx %r3,[%r4]

.type main,#function

.section ".data"
.align 8
.xword -2828430351432845200
.type addend1,#object
.size addend1,8
.xword -4343273150394861700
.type addend2,#object
.size addend2,8
.skip 8
.type sum,#object
.size sum,8

I said before that "FSS Version_0-005 implements all of the instructions required to start in the RED_state trap table (i.e. the bootstrap loader), jump to the main entry point of an application program, and execute that program." Actually Version_0-004 can do much of that too. As I said, the goal was to execute more than one instruction in the application program. Therefore, Version_0-004 gets through the bootstrap loader, performs the jump, then executes the first two SPARC-V9 instructions in the above program (i.e. the first two of the SPARC-V9 instructions that make up the setx synthetic instruction). Those instructions are 0b00 0000 and 8a11 6001. Cosmic Horizon's SPARC-V9 implementation requires 15 cycles to get that far.

There is an additional dependency in Version_0-004: Axis2 Version 1.1 or higher. Actually, you only need the Axis2 Databinding Framework (ADB). The current URL for that is