Suppose that you want OpenSPARC compiling under Icarus Verilog. I've been working on that (although the intensity of my efforts on this particular project will increase when Sun's stock price rises).

The leading edge of progress has been with OpenSPARC T1 (I worked toward the same goal when Cosmic Horizon joined the OpenSPARC T2 Beta Program last year, but did not get as far; "I intend to stick with OpenSPARC T1 until I fix the latch gate patch bugs in my 2007-10-23 contribution to Icarus Verilog.") Cosmic Horizon's goal may be different from yours, but you will still benefit. The immediate goal is compilation under Icarus Verilog. I'm targeting Free Netlist Format (FNF). The ultimate goal is to run OpenSPARC under FSS.

I am deliberately making no changes to the OpenSPARC model. Instead, my focus has been to extend Icarus Verilog's understanding of Verilog (IEEE Std 1364-2001) syntax. Even if you don't care about FNF and FSS, I have made contributions to the core of Icarus Verilog in support of my goal. Those contributions have been committed to Steve Williams' Git repository. I believe they are still relegated to the v0_8-branch. Therefore, you can already get your hands on an improved Icarus Verilog.

Regarding "a runtime bug in Icarus Verilog, which could be seen by someone building on Windows ...", as I said, "[I have] fixed it, and I'll provide a patch to Steve Williams". It is pathetic that I have not done that yet. About all I've done lately is to occasionally perform a "git pull", then verify (as far as I can without the FNF generator) and commit to my own Git repository.

"'gcc.exe (GCC) 3.4.2 (mingw-special)' does not seem to support DLL builds, so I can't build the FNF generator [on Windows]." The failure looks like

C:/FELDST~1/TEMP/cci4aaaa.o(.text+0x3c4):fnf.c: undefined reference to `ivl_lpm_width'

"DLL (shared) builds are not supported in this release" comes from GCC/GCJ for MingW. It is not clear to me that the comment applies to "gcc.exe (GCC) 3.4.2 (mingw-special)". Why didn't GCC simply complain about the "-shared" option? The official MinGW downloads come from MinGW - Minimalist GNU for Windows. Before giving up on the Windows software development environment and using a VPN connection to Solaris instead, I intend to upgrade to at least gcc-3.4.5.

My work is not done and I intend to spend more time on this project, but my contributions to Icarus Verilog do get you closer if you want OpenSPARC compiling under Icarus.