I'm in a corporate furnished apartment, where the Internet and cable TV service are provided by Comcast. Actually, as far as I'm concerned, those services are provided by the property owner, whom I pay to be here. How the property owner provides Internet and cable TV to me is not my concern, but is the owner's responsibility.

Not long ago, I received a paper bill from Comcast in the apartment mailbox and a threatening telephone message from Comcast on the telephone in the apartment (another service provided by the property owner). I can't remember which happened first. As a courtesy to Comcast, I returned the telephone call, providing Comcast with contact information for the responsible party. Comcast was not receptive to that information, but I told them that I would not be nice about it if they were to contact me again. I told them that, not only would I never be a Comcast customer, but that you wouldn't be either ...

Around the same time I received the telephone call, I received a paper bill. I informed the property owner of both and was asked to send the bill to the owner, which I did. The property owner confirmed to me that the she should be receiving the bills and that Comcast would be contacted to straighten it out.

Whether or not the property owner actually contacted Comcast is not important. What is important is that I told Comcast who was responsible for the bill. To avoid losing my blog readers as customers (and just to do the right thing) Comcast should have contacted the property owner to correct the situation. Had Comcast done so, my story certainly would have been corroborated. The name on the bill was the name of the property owner. It's a simple matter of the billing address (and billing telephone number) being different from the service address.

Today, I received another bill from Comcast. I threw it in the trash.

For more about Comcast, see Why Comcast Sucks. I'm just doing my part to make the world a better place. And a world without Comcast would be better for all of us, except for those foolish enough to bet on Comcast.