what to wear to an interview

I found this on EMC's Web site, but I'm not trying to single out EMC.

I'm assuming that the interviewee is on the right. If that's a suit he's wearing, that's proper attire for an interview. Actually, it might be a sports jacket (the pants look like a slightly different color), which would be acceptable too. Personally, I would lose the jacket in hot weather. But if that's a bow tie, he looks like a clown.

This isn't about the interviewee. I don't want to split hairs about what he's wearing. The interviewer is wearing a t-shirt! Perhaps I'm criticizing a large percentage of my readers, but that's just wrong. Would it kill you to show some respect to the candidate? You don't have to take it up to the level you would for a customer, but at least take it up a notch for that one day, please.