I don't know why CMP Media LLC sends me VARBusiness magazine. I've tried to explain to them that Cosmic Horizon is not a value-added reseller.

Anyway, I glanced at the 2007-05-14 issue and saw that it contained some good advice from David Russell for companies in hiring mode. Let me share a couple of quotations with you:

  • "If I had $20 for every time a [company] told me they thought someone was a good hire but that they didn't work out, I could fund an IRA."
  • "... hire great people rather than hiring convincing interviewers ..."

Does this sound familiar?

I would add another item to that list:

  • Take a close look at your initial screening process and the people who implement that process. So-called "Technical" Recruiters, with some exceptions, are generally less skilled than they were in years past. I call the worst ones "Keyword Counters". You want them to get the list of candidates down to a manageable size, but don't let them eliminate your best candidate before the telephone interview.

A "Technical" Recruiter once eliminated me because "CPU" does not appear on my resume. My colleagues and I had a good laugh over that one, but I feel sorry for the client.

I am available, by the way.