Yes, I was sufficiently recovered from surgery to write SPARC-V9 Standard Reference Model on 2009-06-23. I'm amazed that I was able to do that much that day. Right after that, I came down with a severe cold that put me right back in bed, so June was nearly a complete loss.

Then on 2009-07-08, I started Japanese 2, an accelerated summer course at Austin Community College. That turned my schedule upside down until 2009-08-13. Why am I studying Japanese? I specialize in SPARC-V9 and have developed significant expertise. Fujitsu Limited is a major player in the world of SPARC-V9. They design their SPARC64 microprocessors in Kawasaki, a suburb of Tokyo.

Adding to the squeeze, when Sun's stock price goes up, I spend more time on OpenSPARC, borrowing from the time allocation for FSS. JAVA is up.

That's enough with the excuses. Let me tell you what progress I have been able to make.

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