There has been a surge of enthusiasm in recent months, with several people expressing interest in working for Cosmic Horizon. If I were to rank the team members according to level of effort to date, no one would argue that I'm still in first place (e.g. all of the commits so far have come from me), but second place clearly belongs to Dr. Bimal Mishra, an expert in applied mathematics with interest in science and technology. I first introduced you to him in 2007 as J. Peterman. Dr. Mishra didn't do much with Cosmic Horizon for a while, but has since significantly intensified his study of the system. His initial contribution may be in the area of Apache Derby. Cosmic Horizon applications currently access Derby databases using the Embedded Derby JDBC driver. Sooner or later, we are likely to move to the more familiar client/server mode. Dr. Mishra may take us there sooner. Wherever he chooses to contribute, Dr. Mishra's efforts are greatly appreciated.

Now, let me walk you through the progress since my last blog item (Glorified Clerical Workers?) on our primary work.

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